Surprisingly Facile Trip

Two ex-hippies (or aging hippies, or whatever is proper) who once toured along with the Greatful Dead got together and wrote this script about hippies touring with some unmentioned band (I suspect they were trying to first, avoid anachronisms, and secondly ensure some marketability with a youthful audience). Surely there is a lot of "inspired by" in the script, given their history, but real life rarely reads this well. The characters and plot ring true for the most part. While the acting is a bit uneven among the secondary characters, they cast experienced but largely unknown actors in the leads, which I think helped a lot. The (currently) most known of the lot, Tara Reid, looks more like a real human in her role of Jennifer - perhaps it's just me, or my socioeconomic circle, but her usual hairstyling doesn't seem like anything a non-celebrity would wear (in Dr. T & The Women, it's somewhere between the extremes, but I digress). The film does bear some hallmarks of the low budget production - in particular, watch for when Simon is wearing a cap... There's also some CGI in the movie, which while not overdone, is still noticable. I have to count off some for some hokey scenes that don't quite jibe, but it's still it's a worthwhile couple hours.
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