Okay, so maybe most of you wouldn't label this display of macho male military posturing as something likely to produce tears. Maybe it's the hormones.

Crimson Tide is a movie that deals with complex issues in a complex, ambiguous way. We have people set against each other, with strong opinions, and a strong sense of responsibility. The script is definitely siding on one point of view, though it is left until the end before we see it for certain. The question of whether to take sides is a very interesting one, where the wrong decision can sink any sense of reality. It would seem to depend on what kind of movie is being made, and in this case, I think the cautious but firm route was the right decision, even though it ends up telegraphing what happens.

The real gamble here is getting the level of sincerity right. I think the film succeeds and largely due to its human touches - giving the characters depth beyond their relationship to the main plot. The continual presence of the captain's jack russell terrier is just one example - perhaps the most prominent.

This is a very good movie for what it's trying to be, but I think it falls short of a great movie because the questions it poses are somewhat too easily answered. I don't see anyone getting caught up in huge philosophical debates from seeing it, even though this is the type of movie that would seem to be aiming for that kind of reaction.

I think I'll remain quiet on which part made me, um, emotional. You'll have to find your own place for those feelings. Perhaps you'll find it in the torpedo launches.

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