Cheaper by the dozen and a half

Tale of a melded family of 8 and 10 children with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball as the parents. Based on a true story.

Starts with too much exposition, and a playful yet annoying habit of actors addressing the camera. And even once things start going, the exposition doesn't quite stop.

Oddly, the movie is both rather prude and rather shy about certain things as well. It's just another trademark of the awakening sixties where they thought they were pushing the envelope, only the envelope's edge has shrunk much further to the modern sensability.

It's largely rote camerawork, with a few more ambitious moments, many of which don't actually work and just call attention to someone trying to be clever.

This one's really only going to appeal to children, or perhaps those with a certain sense of nostalgia. The quaintness of the whole thing will be just a bit too trying for anyone else.

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