Tah - Dah -- It's a Dance Movie

Baz does an okay job with this movie, but I believe that the dance movie is very similar to the Christmas Fruitcake - there may only be one plot for a dance movie. Successful dance partners break up, klutzy new person fills the role of the second dancer, a relationship grows between the two partners, and the new person finally learns to dance (like they never have before). The dance competition comes and they win. Strictly Ballroom follows this same pattern. It's biggest difference is that it is Australian. You can watch ballroom dancing on PBS and see most of the action. I would have liked a less sincere insight into the dance scene - this movie in the hands of Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy would be very good. As it is, Luhrman's straight handling of the 'dance movie' doesn't produce much that is new.
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