Garofalo's Folly?

This movie was deeply inspired by Meatballs. What's strange is that it seems more like an homage - it's set in 1981 and has all the requisite period costumes. The funniest running plot is that it takes place in one day - so a common technique keeps us up to date with the time of day. This works a couple of times during the movie, the rest of the time, it's just goofy. One of the times it does work, the whole camp's counselors head to town and begin stealing money and end up shooting heroin. When they head back to camp, only an hour has passed. There are a couple of other strands of a plot here, but mostly it's like an offkey, abandoned script that may have become Meatballs II. A couple of jokes, but one can't find goat feces that funny. David Hyde Pierce puts in a mediocre performance. Molly Shannon's role is disappointing - she can be much funnier.
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