If you throw Renee Russo, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, Donald Sutherland and Cuba Gooding Jr together in a blender and pour it out, I wonder if you would ever end up with something this bad. I'm sure it was based on the Hot Zone or some other material like that. The basic plot involves monkeys picking up unbelievable diseases and spreading them to humans. The CDC and the Military (unknown if this is the Army or something else) fight for the right to be the group that destorys the disease. The Army fights to contain the secrets, the CDC fights the disease. Ominious black helicopters signal the sinister nature of the military's intentions. Oh the drama. I wonder why this plot wasn't headed straight for a movie of the week. It gets one star for it's modestly interesting sub plot of wind sheer and bomb delivery (ha-ha)
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