Script can't tell its future

Demi Moore is clairvoyant. I guess we knew that because of the quality of roles she picks. Not only that, but the critical moments of her life are highlighted by unusual weather phenomena, typically wind (hey, I can relate to that).

When watching a movie like this, these things are presented so matter-of-factly, there is little point in debating the reality of the movie. And, that's okay, in fact - they filmmakers are free to choose their own reality, provided they communicate it well to us. What they set up is the classic feelings versus logic, tradition versus science, and more specifically psychics versus psychology. It's a very simplistic, popular sort of approach to this debate. Again, that's just a choice, though it doesn't earn points for innovation with me. I will acknowledge some nice twists in character to make the approach more interesting.

I am reminded of Clueless in the way things turn around in the third act. The difference is that Clueless kept us going with energy and wit up to that point. The Butcher's Wife is mostly insipid and predictable through that while. I'm not quite able to recommend sitting through the first hour just for the benefit of the last half hour, though.

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