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This review is reconstructed from my notes at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

(1/21/01) Happy Campers - There aren't too many kinds of movies that would be given this title, but to clear up the mystery, it is in fact the most likely - a kids' summer camp, complete with the older kids who are acting as counselors, but are working out their own issues themselves.

The film is relatively innocent and mannered, fitting a juvenile film, but the real themes of the film are for the older teenagers. It is also primarily a comedy (really, who would make a summer camp drama?) and has lots of laughs.

All the plot lines tie together well at the end. The film does try to be more meaningful than it is, but the focus is those moments growing up that are meaningful to us as individuals and aren't necessarily earth-shattering to anyone else. For a small film, it works pretty well. It's recommended, but much like attending one of these summer camps, I doubt you'd remember the details a year later.

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