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A Couch in New York (its english title) is based on a very cute premise. An exhausted psychoanalyst (John Hurt) trades apartments for a month with a bouncy effervescent french woman (Juliette Binoche). She stumbles into treating his patients with unexpectedly good results, along with improving his dog's demeanor, and decorating his office with plants. Our psychoanalyst has to come back to New York on a trip, checks in and finds out what's going on, and starts seeing his apparent replacement therapist as a patient under an assumed name.

So, what do you expect? They fall in love, don't tell each other, complications ensue, and we have a nice little ending.

Once we get past the setup, there really isn't much that original in terms of material. In fact, side plots are utterly dumped as we approach the end, just like our main characters fascination with only each other.

We are left primarily with just the overt plot line and the acting to like in this movie. While the acting is really pretty good, the material isn't quite deep enough to be engaging.

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