Deliberate, Creepy Thriller

Got to see this movie at Tiffany Plaza - my local discount theatre. It's not the ideal place to see movies, but perhaps the aging theatre added to the atmosphere.

This is a slow paced film that I enjoyed. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. I recommend seeing the movie first.

Nicole Kidman stars as Grace, a mother waiting for her husband to come home from the war (WWII) and keep her 'photosensitive' children and an enormous house in proper working condition.

Nicole Kidman delivers an excellent performance. Considering her last few roles - the showboatin' Sabine, the gritty Nadia, and this movie's Grace, I'm becoming convinced that NK is separating herself from the pack and joining the ranks of the great contemporary actresses - Jodie Foster, Tilda Swenson and ???. Kidman's character looks like the great actresses of the 40's. Grace Kelly comes to mind.

Besides Kidman, the other force in this movie is light and darkness. The children will break out in a life threatening rash if exposed to the sun. They are kept in the dark both literally and figuratively. In fact, most of the movie is about the children and Grace learning the truth - moving from darkness to light.

The movie's pace is slow and deliberate. This is not Poltergeist - but it is a story of ghosts.

Only a couple of complaints - the husband's brief return and then exit was probably not necessary to the film, and I think the movie would have been a little tighter without it. I'm still not sure why these six people (Grace, the two kids, and the three servants) are the only six people that live at this house. I wonder why the other previous owners are not there.

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