Supermodel Sitcom Outsmarts Itself

What good is a movie if it can't lead you around by the nose? The entire second act here depends on such an obvious manipulation that I sat there dismissing the storyline until it got cleared up. Imagine my surprise when this loose end is tied up in a neat little bow as we enter the home stretch. The movie actually makes sense! The problem here is that, even though this plot twist was sold reasonably well to the characters in the film, the audience doesn't get any attention. This isn't a documentary where we know how it turns out and we're just interested in the details. Now, we do get some hints before the grand revelation, but since we've already disconnected, we just wonder what the hell they're trying to do now, rather than experiencing what's on the screen. It's as if the writers (there's four of them) are laughing at us.

Maybe there's a good movie in here somewhere. But it starts off with a voiceover, which I consider a bad sign for a romantic comedy. The supermodels are a delightful comedic distraction, which is definite a reprieve for the film, as it gave me something to watch instead of just turning it off. As Part II of me campaign to know who this Freddie Prinze Jr person is, his acting did nothing to improve his stature in my eyes. His character is supposed to be a mirror character to Monica Potter's, and somehow those common traits just fall flat on his side. This character so resembles his character in Down to You, I begin to wonder about his ability to tackle the complexities of Fred in the upcoming Scooby Doo movie.

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