Tough choice

Jennifer Lopez plays Mary, entirely overcompetent as a professional wedding planner, but her personal life is, guess what, a mess.

So, of course her life is immediately complicated by her father's attempt to fix her up with an Italian immigrant, closely followed by running into Matthew McConaughey, which would throw anyone off, we should presume. And when McConaughey turns out to be her next client, real sparks start to fly.

Somehow they end up spending a lot of time with each other and sharing moments of significance in their lives. And thus, the situation deepens. It's very convenient for the plot that they spend this time with each other, despite the fact their characters don't seem to think it's a good idea.

Random thoughts: Fred Willard is a treasure, when used correctly, and he is here in minor role as a dance instructor. I like some of the touches, of Mary's scrabble club, the children playing "doctor", the macaroni and cheese... At the end, we see some misting of breath in an outside scene, even though it's supposed to be a June night.

This was a good idea for a movie, but seriously flawed in the script, leaving the characters to flail around trying to find its rhythm. There are some excellent moments, but you have to not get lulled away to find them.

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