Raw Charm

I'm not sure there's anything for me really to complain about here. Okay, maybe as Jay Thomas ages, it just looks like they put goop in his hair. That's not a reason to not see a movie, particularly for the few seconds we see it.

But there is plenty of reason to go see this, well, Opus. We are treated to the life story of a musician turned music teacher. He's not leading exactly the life he wants, but as many people find, there are rewards, frustrations and irony in any circumstances.

This is excellent as a biopic, but without the usual detractions of portraying a real person. Yes, it's sentimental, but not cheaply so. There's a nice mix of humor and drama, and genuine real feeling behind what's happening in the characters' lives. Richard Dreyfuss has just the right touch in his performance as Glenn Holland, neither overdoing it, nor tossing aside any moments in the film.

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