Not just dumb

This modern cross-polination of familiar horror creatures and routine action plot elements sears across the screen like a soggy loaf of Wonderbread.

Is this what action has come to? Films that try to outdo each other purely by novelty, graphics and more outrageous battle sequences? It works on that one level, I suppose, but overall, a movie like this falls flat because there's little to see on the screen besides formula.

Furthermore, there is not sense of style in this film. The sensibilities are more "Matrix" than horror - seriously, Frankenstein glows like a child's toy, and the baby vampires don't even rise to that level. The creatures here are mammoth brutes with no sophistication or subtlety, which is completely the wrong direction, especially for a character with real depths like Dracula.

Anyway, I don't find the movie worth any more of my time writing, and as such, shouldn't worth much more of your time either.

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