Secondary Trauma

The only reason I kept Primary Suspect on was because it supposedly was set in Denver. They use one stock footage shot and a few dialog references to the town, but that's about it. Of the outside shots, a handful could actually have been taken here, and some shots would be reasonable for scenes in the mountains where the plot calls for it. The remainder simply don't look right, the main issue being that the mountains are way too close. I've not travelled to that many mountain cities, but I had an idle thought the film might have been shot in Salt Lake City. After looking it up, lo and behold, I was right, though it's just as likely a lucky guess since I've only been in that city after dark. Oh, and then there's the comment by one sly character that "the Nuggets are my boys"... anyone would be hard pressed to find someone in this town say that these days.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, that was the most interesting part of the flick. There seems to be some kind of revenge plot going on, though the main character barely seems interested in it. It's not quite a cookie-cutter movie, but it comes close, with plot twists based on straw man expectations, and plenty of blood, death, money and intimidation. It's just not compelling. Even the tacked on romantic plot feels accidental instead of just irrelevent as they seem in most of these sorts of movies.


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