Not exactly another crime genre flick, but close

Oh, is this movie clever! Every plot turn has some kind of unexpected twist attached to it. The various plotlines pull together pretty well at the end, but it's not that herculean a task, really. Then there's this bit about traffic lights woven throughout, which is just kind of arty, but didn't do too much for me personally.

Much of the appeal for moviegoers for this film is seeing Brad Pitt together with Julia Roberts. It's been said before that those folks will be disappointed - they're paired up in maybe about three scenes in all. I personally don't think that matters much, but it should be pointed out.

What is the movie about? Considering it as another crime-genre comedy doesn't do it much justice, nor does it compare well against the competition. But there's no better genre to really put it in. It's slightly better than that if you don't try to draw a box around it.

It does fail to clean up a few hanging threads, which ordinarily I wouldn't be that uptight about, but being clever and having everything relate in some sort of doubled fashion is what the flick is about. In that sense, it's incomplete, though I don't know how many will notice that problem.

Brad Pitt remains fun to watch. James Gandolfini may be the best reason to see this film (or anything else he's in).

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