The first thing you'll pick up watching this movie is that we are getting teased about whether these characters will ever actually meet each other. I won't give away whether they do or not, but it's an interesting way to make a movie where you really only need one actor on set at a time. With enough cameras and crews, this thing could have been shot in an afternoon.

So the action of the movie pretty much happens over the phone, the character relating to each other without benefit of seeing each other's reactions, only hearing them. The obvious implication is that this is how we all are living our lives these days, and there's an element of truth in the not-so-extreme way it is presented.

As for the ending, I feel like part of it works and part of it is really just letting us down in terms of completion. Saying too much would give away certain things that make the movie enjoyable. It's a worthy experiment, just one that needs some polishing.

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