Gritty Sap

This is about the oddest buddy movie I've seen in recent memory. We've got desperate addict Samantha Mathis (Jane) and AIDS patient Malcolm Jamal-Warner... no wait, it's that other three-named guy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, still looking young for this film.

The plot is pretty believable, consistent with the random things that happen to people without direction. There are moments which may cause discomfort, but that's in fact an integral part of what's going on. The tone remains bleak, though the stylized introduction seems a little out of place with the remainder of the film, if by just a slight degree.

This is good dramatic material, and very well acted, but it's neither breaking new ground nor does it take advantage of a good many opportunities for insight on the characters. It plays a bit more like a biography than a dramatic feature, in fact. That's fine, and perhaps a good choice here, but it has lessened the possible impact as well.

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