Pleasant but forgettable teen comedy

Maybe I'm getting a little movied out, but I wouldn't turn down a chance to watch Kirsten Dunst.

Let's see, what's the name of this? Ah, "Get Over It" - that actually has some relevance to the movie (that's a good thing).

Okay, so back to being movied out - was it worth it to watch just one more? From the perspective of never having too much Dunst, sure. She's not quite the most important character, but gets to be billed first and gets quite a bit of screen time. As for the rest of it, well, it's basically a teen flick. It feels better than average, even. But I remain unimpressed, or perhaps, merely unaffected by it.

What are the things that draw you in as a member of the audience? Pretty pictures can do it. Identifying with characters doing interesting things too. What's being offered to us here? Relationship difficulties, standard teen angst, and the usual inane sort of comedy you see a lot of for this demographic. The execution may even be better than average here.

Where it is interesting is in some the situations and structure. A musical version of A Midsummer Night's Dream is used as a metaphor and a catalyst for the plot. Sometimes this works well, and sometimes it's overdone. We are treated to Kirsten's singing debut in this movie, and it's really very well done (but have I convinced anyone I'm objective there? probably not).

Make sure you see this one for the top. The intro is a fun and freaky little dream number which could have made for an interesting style for the whole movie (but potentially "cloying")...

Maybe I'll see this one again later and come back and bump up the rating. But regardless, this one's probably not going to venture far from average.

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