A Bloke's Film

These are vignettes. The first one shows us a bloke having a really bad day. His soccer team kicks him off the squad, his parents boot him from the house, and his girlfriend dumps him. He's then converted into a fly and buzzes around wreaking havoc and taking some sort of revenge. The second story shows us a Freaky Friday like transformation as a bloke and baby change bodies. The baby is a rascal and the bloke is now more enjoyable because his girlfriend can control him. Finally, we see a bloke as a softy. He gets married, but his wife starts cheating on him and he just takes it.

The movie carries no significant directorial or cinema-graphic signature. It's somewhat enjoyable but depressing. I think it is an extension of the Mancunian anger that first started showing itself in music but has inched towards cinema. I think it is probably a precursor to such movies as Snatch.

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