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The director of City of God gets a chance to direct a John Le Carre spy novel for an English audience. Fiennes plays an English diplomat that marries Weisz and heads to Africa. These two are a mismatch. She's an activist. He's a bureaucrat. But together, they have a crazy mixed up love. Or something. In Africa, she uncovers a British corporation fronting a multinational drug company experimenting on HIV+TB patients. Many of the unknowing participants are dying. Weisz's character is killed. Fienne's characater is so distraught that he slowly decides to continue her mission.

This movie has lots of things wrong with it. Ultimately, it is really the unraveling of a corporate wrong-doing "mystery". These details are early in the movie. For another hour, we watch the complete mismatch of DV hand held cameras filming nearly everything with jittery and constant edits trying to illustrate a very slow and dull corporate conspiracy. At 90 minutes, I announced to myself that this movie "is really dull." Ten minutes later, I even thought about leaving. That thought has only occurred to me twice while I was in a theatre. Once for the Constant Gardener another for one of the Lord of the Rings. I think the movie keeps going towards 2 hours and 10 minutes of a very dull story.

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