Musical Agatha Christie

A house full of related women is gathered to celebrate Christmas. The matriarch welcomes her oldest daughter home from college. He youngest daughter is bursting to be an adult. Her mom and sister have come to live at her house as well. They are waited on by two house servants. These women's lives seem to revolve around the patriarch - Marcel. When one of the servants finds Marcel dead in his private bedroom, the women have to look at themselves as the possible murderer. They are joined at the house by Marcel's sister and thus we have the eight women of the title. It feels like an older picture - maybe Arsenic and Old Lace mixed with Agatha Christie. The movie includes each lead actress breaking out in song. It is not expected, a little distracting, but does not sink the film.

This is a bushel of fine French actresses. Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert put in excellent performances and they are supported by strong performances from the other six. As the film progresses, we learn more about each character and in revealing this depth, each actress seems to reveal a little more in their performance. This is excellent synchronization.

Francois Ozon directs this engaging, but odd little picture. He has a keen sense for color, wardrobe, sets, and shots. Part of this movie reminded me of the excellent directing in Far From Heaven.

A good film if you allow it to unfold.

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