This movie is about people finding out more about themselves. They are guided by two existential detectives (Tomlin, Hoffman) and a philosopher (Huppert). Brad (Law) and Albert (Schwartzman) are linked throughout the movie with their opposing views of environmentalism and corporate sprawl. There are other characters in this movie, but I'm not sure where they really fit in this movie. Brad and Albert spend a lot of time fighting over a marsh where a super department store - Huckabees - is to be built.

The acting is hard to describe. Many characters are playing roles that play other roles. Brad is for the environment as long as it benefits his standing at Huckabees. The detectives try to bring the real Brad out. I was impressed with Tomlin's performance.

Ultimately, the movie ends up on the screen and I did not feel a strong connection between the action on screen and my interest in the movie.

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