I've mentioned before about the oddity of some Hollywood memes. It is certainly easy to understand why we suffer through Jason Part 4 because 1-3 made money. But there seem to be memes that come into existence before their financial pay off is certain. One summer might have three submarine movies. Another fall might include the historical drama showcased in six different films. I don't know when the bio-pic gained momentum again, but Sylvia is from that same pool.

This of course is Sylvia Plath's story. If you've read Plath, you know a good deal about her already as The Bell Jar pulls back the curtains on her own life. This story is augmented by fragments from Plath's husband and perhaps some bits of fiction.

The acting is good, not crisp. The directing is standard. There's really not much wrong with this movie, but there also isn't anything really new or different.

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