Over the Top

There are plenty of remakes out there. This is not an apparent remake but a movie highly inspired by many predecessors. Ewan MacGregor plays Catcher Block, a reporter for a men's magazine. Renée Zellweger plays Barbara Novak, a newly famous feminist author. In her book, "Down With Love", Ms. Novak advocates that for women to really find themselves, they have to drop love from their lives. Catcher wants to prove she is nothing but a charlatan. Thus begins a long battle of the sexes. But wait, there's a twist or two coming. Swell.

This movie is purposely over the top, but I found my self asking for mercy. It was relentlessly sappy. Zellweger doesn't seem to play this role well and MacGregor is cocky enough to pull of Catcher. David Hyde Pierce plays Catcher's friend and I found him trying to transport Niles into this early 60s timewarp.

The movie is a send up of many movies that came before it so there is nothing to comment on with the choice in directing or cinematography. It is all there as expected - split screens to show Catcher on the phone with Novak and more trite little homages.

An unforgiving soundtrack accompanies nearly every second of this movie. It is done in the style of Esquivel and other Space Age Bachelor Pad jazz musicians. I honestly don't remember a scene that did not include loud punctuation of the cute action on screen with an equally cute score like trumpets blurting out when we in the audience are supposed to laugh.

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