Taking a walk down la strada di memoria

The important thing to notice about Amarcord is the point of view of tha narrative. It's a rambling, almost disjointed reminiscing by Fellini. We sometimes have a narrator, but he seems almost entirely beside the point, other than to suggest what we are really watching.

The perspective is, in fact, that of a child. You can see it in the weight given various events and the nature of the drama found. Before long you'll notice that there really isn't a plot either, just a series of related little stories, sometimes having nothing to do with the child in question, except that he might have heard something about these events at his age.

It's not just the memories of a child though - they're filtered through the perspective of the adult the child grew to be. The difference is subtle, yet revealing.

Fellini's eye for motion is center-stage again in this movie. Sometimes there are so many people moving about, it's hard to fathom how all that motion was coordinated - but you could say that of many of his films.

Perhaps not the best introduction to Fellini, Amarcord will be a thorn in the side of the plot hungry. Get a couple of his easier to follow works under your belt first. Don't get wrong, this is a light hearted effort - just suggesting it would be good to get a sense of Fellini's style first.

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