Single Person Road Trip

Bart Freundlich writes and directs this movie. He also fathered a child with Julianne Moore. The movie in preview reels sort of looks like a light road trip exploring odd characters along the way. In reality, it is a little morose with the main character of Cal escaping his present, searching for his past, and having to face his future.

Linear time is not consistent in this movie and it is hard to determine the duration of Cal's trip. He starts in NYC and gets bothered and confused about his son's birthday. He heads out, not letting his wife know. He ends up with a few different women, a construction job, a confrontation in the form of a high school acquaintance, and finally with Dulcie (Moore) who is more confused and more imbalanced than Cal. All of these seem to be "lessons" for Cal, but he keeps driving. He keeps looking for something. He finds it in Washington when he confronts his Dad. Dad apparently abandoned Cal and his family and Cal wants answers. There don't seem to be any answers, but Cal seems satisfied enough to begin floating (literally) and view a better version of his road trip. He makes his way back to NYC to reunite with his wife.

The entire road trip is scored by Willie Nelson and I thought in combination with Julianne Moore, this movie may have been the ultimate movie for another ThatCow reviewer. Alas, it is not getting a high recommendation because the story is not well constructed and not very compelling.

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