A Little Too Leading

The story is relatively simple. Kevin Kline's character is separated from his wife. He lives by himself in a ragged shack in a town resembling Laguna in California. His son lives with his ex-wife. Kline loses his job as the model builder for an architect. He finds out he has some form of cancer and wants to rebuild the relationship with his son. He wants to build a house together to replace the shack where he lived. His son is a Marilyn Manson wannabe.

The conflict and resolution are not new story elements. The acting is pretty decent in this movie. I found the editing choices and the soundtrack by Mark Isham to be heavy handed. The story isn't really allowed to unfold as much as it is crafted and packaged. There's not much room for ambiguity and I think the movie would have been better had it left the edges a little more ragged allowing the viewer to put some of the pieces together.

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