Subtle Sci Fi

This is a near-future Sci Fi movie. This isn't Minority Report's over-researched view of the future and it isn't the nowhere world of Mad Max. That isn't to say this movie is unique. It borrows a lot from a slew of movies. The characters speak a homogenized language of mostly Spanish and English (Bladerunner), there are logically derived reproduction rules (The Handmaid's Tale), and we have some cautionary words about genetics (GATTACA).

There are basically two actors in this movie - Sarah Morton who plays Maria and Tim Robbins who plays William. William likely has some genetic disposition to crime investigation and he's been sent to Asia to investigate the forgery of documents that are somewhere between a passport and medical insurance card. William takes a virus that strengthens his empathetic senses and has document allowing for only a day or two of travel. He arrives at the Sphinx Corporation and begins the investigation. Maria seems to be the obvious culprit, but he tells the owner it is another employee. Maria and William run into each other on the transit system and decide to have a bite to eat. Maria is a little edgy, but the two characters seem to be falling for each other.

The movie is shot on location around the globe. Many times, Winterbottom would choose to just use the sets and locations readily available to him. When Maria and William grab something to eat, the restaurant is real and the others don't appear to be coached extras.

William and Maria have sex later that night before William returns to Seattle. William gets home and finds out that people are still dying from their illegal documents. He is sent back to Asia. He can't find Maria. As he chases her around, he finds out that her pregnancy has been terminated because they likely share too many genes from a cloned ancestral tree. This violates Code 46 and Maria's memory is tweaked so she doesn't remember William. The two try to resume their relationship and break the power of the uber-government, but many roadblocks are in the way.

This is subtle, but realistic Sci Fi. Look for a cameo by Mick Jones of the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite. He's singing "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" in a karaoke bar.

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