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So many years have gone by now from episode 4 to 3, kind of like wrapping around the high score in a video game, and it was worth the wait. The set of 1-2-3 may not compare to 4-5-6, but the expected tie-ins between trilogies are more entertaining than pandering.

For those who are saying this one is dark I say yeah, but what are you comparing to? Epsides 1 and 2 are both bubble-gum lite. Empire is the closest comparison, and you could argue it both ways there, but just being dark isn't enough, as that was really expected, given what had to happen in the storyline.

Still though there's some hope that a new 7-8-9 trilogy could be worthwhile. I'd skip it if we end up in episode 1 territory again, but a reasonable story following the fall of the empire would be worth the time too.

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Review: Tepid star5/10 andrew

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