I have not read the book. I'll disclose that up front.

Merchant and Ivory are well known film makers that have spent a lifetime making movies about cultural conflict. This could be class conflict, national conflict, or simply duck out of water conflict. The catch, nearly every M&I movie is a period piece. It is set in magnificent opulence with amazing attention to detail. Their style is so well known, it has even inspired a parody effort - Stiff Upper Lips.

Le Divorce is essentially a tale of incompatibility and conflict. There are dozens of examples of brash Americans and rude French. It would seem to be a good match for Merchant and Ivory. However, the results are tepid. Perhaps it is because it is not a period piece? There are too many characters and very few connections with the audience. The story is choppy. Ultimately, we come to realize that Americans and French are incompatible and that perhaps divorce is the best answer.

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