Are you kidding me?

I have heard from several, more negative and downright stupid characters, that the movie "Donnie Darko" is wimpy in it's resorts to "the rules," and that it had no shot at even counting as a decent movie. Well, let me say right now that those people are just too daft to even consider the possibilities that this movie has... perhaps... some HIDDEN MEANING!!! If you were to visit some rather, shall I say genius, sites that uncover some of the truths to the story. I strongly urge those rather cynical people who say this movie has no real grounding and cannot stand on it's own as a decent film to hit you f-ing search engine to these sites before deeming this movie unworthy. This movie has more in-depth underlying meaning than any of us movie-goers will ever know. There is more thought put into this movie than I have ver seen, and I am one of those so-called "Movie Freaks." It covers so many genres and the characters are so developed to the point where the acting doesn't seem staged, like some of those movies out there. Are you people close-minded or just plain stupid? I urge those of you who FEEL you aren't the latter of the two to stick to plain, boring movies. Thank you for showing you thoughts but... NO, just don't. goodbye
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