Technicolor boredom

The main purpose of this film is showing off the new (at the time) Technicolor film process... or at least it seems so now. Perhaps in its day the family-business good brother/bad brother and false-identity-based romance is not did not seem as stale and hackneyed as it does now.

So George Brent is Steve Russett, the ne'er-do-well scamp who should be more involved with the family logging business. His money supply cut off, he returns home and starts making a mess of things with his good-natured naiveté. At one point he runs off in a plane only to run out of gas over the territory of a rival logging company, one locked in a turf war with the Russett shop. For his safety, Steve takes up an alias, then proceeds to lock horns with the owner, Jo Barton... the cantankerous woman of the title who is so clearly the match that Steve has never found in his travels.

The major plot points are so obvious it's not worth going any further. And I suppose it would be okay, except that the two most important things to the movie don't work - the conflict between the brothers, and the chemistry with Steve and Jo. Neither relationship is that convincing, which simply brought me out of the film and all I could do was count off each expected plot point as it came around...

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