Let there not be a third

I had problems with the first Scooby Doo film, but somehow I managed to live with some of what was brought to the film. With this second incarnation, they've committed the typical crime of cashing in - sticking to the same jokes and failing to create anything new.

The plot is stupid, and deepens the primary sin of the first movie in perverting the whole point of the original cartoon. The whole "monsters unleashed" aspect is a typical Hollywood raising-the-stakes strategy of making the movie bigger than life by having the things in the movie bigger than life. Contrast this with any of the early episodes of the cartoon where the whole point was in revealing the extraordinary villains as the machinations of ordinary people.

My own idealisms aside, there's very little to the story. Just a silly revenge caper loaded with plenty of opportunity for madcap chases and so on... how long does it really take to realize the Alicia Silverstone character is behind it all?

Sadly, the few good things about the first film are muted or merely old hat by now... the characterizations generally take second stage to the action... and what else did I like about the first one? Anyway, I feel profoundly unrewarded by this second incarnation of Scooby Doo. If they make a third, I'll just have to block it out, out of reverence for the original series

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