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Patricia Highsmith has authored several books with Ripley as her central character. Ripley has shown up in more than few movies (including the more frequently seen Talented Mr Ripley). Ripley is a commentary on the American fascination with status, money, and upward mobility. This Ripley is played by John Malkovich. Malkovich is capable of bringing his strange, aloof, even haughty personality to this role. At the beginning, he is shown as an art hustler. The movie could have been very interesting if it had followed Ripley as professional hustler, but it would have probably resembled the Thomas Crown Affair. Instead, in this adaptation, Ripley is called back to assist a former associate. He doesn't want to be part of the criminal activity, so he suggests a neighbor in need of money. The neighbor is a picture framer and has leukemia. He reluctantly takes the assignment. The rest of the movie deals with the events that unfold from this action. The neighbor is now being blackmailed into additional jobs and Ripley joins him on a train to Dusseldorf.

The drama of this movie is somewhat absent. I can't tell if it's the cast or director. Not a fantastic film.

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