Tribute to a Town of Tinsel

I need to take wider survey of Martin's writing, but what I begin to see are strong characters but weak character development. Perhaps in a land of plastic and silicone, that's part of the point, but it lessens the impact of this film. The characters simply bobble about for the most part, doing what they do, and the plot just kind of happens in the middle of it all. Victoria Tennant's character comes closest to having a real change, perhaps appropriate in being a foreigner just visiting. Looking beyond my need for deeper meaning, there's plenty of humor and commentary on Los Angeles here, and much of it can be applied to the American suburban experience generically. Cinematography is well done, the acting is believable, though nobody has to stretch here. In reality, Martin and company are simply trying to convey a simple slice of Angelino life sprinkled about with light humor, and this is accomplished. I just think the aim could have been higher.
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