Solid but ordinary noir

A crime gone awry leaves a police officer dead. An innocent man is arrested, and all the evidence seems to point at him.

Hugh Beaumont (more familiar to most of us as Ward Cleaver) is the lead man on the case. While largely devoid of character traits except in contrast to those around him, he begins to unravel the mystery, eventually teaming up with the innocent man's sister, who has been following a similar path.

The film has no real secrets, and relies entirely on the strength of plot and the archetypes of its characters. The dialog is peppered with good lines, things like "There are only two kinds of animals that make war on their own kind - rats and men, and men are supposed to be able to think". Although there are some flatter moments, the film advances swiftly to its eventual (and unsurprising) ending. This one is a solid effort, though it does not stand out in any particular way.

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