La Cool Nikita

This film is from the influential French director Luc Besson. It has been copied, imitated, and remade, so it suffers from a little overexposure. Besson's movie is cool and calculated much like it's main character. Nikita is likely a heroin addict with a gift for violence and shooting weapons. She was sentenced to death for killing a policeman while trying to score drugs for her fix. She is reluctantly rescued and given a chance to become a spy to right her past. Having destroyed nearly everything else she knew, Nikita eventually succumbs to the pressure to conform and serve. A killer spy is created. She tries to start a new life and even falls in love with a grocery store checker. But the spy business needs her and calls in six months with another assignment. This continues and Nikita wants out.

The movie is stylish, but like Michael Mann's Miami Vice, cinematography and music choices certainly date the movie. Besson shows some of the greatest scenes during the kitchen battles. Nikita is a prototype for ABC's Alias and even became a series of it's own that ran on the WB or UPN. This is a decent movie but the story is tired.

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