A little too revealing

This time, the tagline and the cover seem to match up and perhaps that's as much as you need to know about this movie: "Every summer they emerge for a ritual of sex and death".

The DVD is released under "Avant Garde Cinema" which I suspect means a little sloppy, interesting, and edgy. This film was most of those things. It is a movie with plenty of atmosphere that comes from the lighting, colour palette, and scene selection. More like Rosewood than O Brother, The Locusts sets up the scenes and cinematography to transport people to a different time. This movie feels like a Tennessee Williams play in both drama, relationships, and period. If you like Streetcar Named Desire or often cry Stella when you are alone, The Locusts may be for you.

This is a flawed movie. It needs another run through the script. The actions are both contrived and not really believable. We have a lonely, strong, and sex craved widow. She runs a cattle ranch. She also is never alone at night thanks to her command of the ranch-hands. One of her new hired hands is Clay (Vince Vaughn). Something isn't normal about their relationship. It's hinted at throughout the movie and the ultimate confrontation between these two characters is what the movie is driving towards. Along the way, we also have Flyboy (more like the odd circus side show) and a few ladies that catch Clay's eye.

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