Things are not what they appear.

Take a good look at the cover. Does it suggest political drama to you? Me neither. Neither did the previews for this movie. I wish I had not seen either and come to this movie with no expectations. I'm not sure why Miramax & Searchlight like to edit and cut their previews in such a way that the movie itself isn't represented. So, it took a while for me to settle into this movie.

Like City of God, the violence shown in this movie is very graphic and disturbing. Terrorists are really terror-ists in this movie. Children, dogs, poultry - anything can be used to deliver a bomb. The believers are fanatics and proclaim their leader/movement Ezequiel at every chance. Ezequiel is a plague to the government. A paralyzing plague. Augustin is assigned to track Ezequiel. Augustin is also our protagonist.

In essence, John Malkovich has crafted a latin police drama for us. Augustin is interesting and somewhat compelling, but this is a genre picture and I'm not sure it was quite engaging. There are long and frequent slow spots. The unraveling of the mystery of Ezequiel isn't really creative or inventive. The movie is well shot and is interesting piece for Malkovich to bring to the screen. Not essential, but if you are in the mood for a crime drama/political terrorist movie, it's worth a watch.

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