Jawdroppingly bad

Aliens land in Iowa. They proceed to literally latch themselves to the brains of the locals, which gives them complete control, which they use to expand their influence and try to take over the world.

They look like stingrays, wield some nasty tentacle-thing, and are 60% brain.

Hmm. I wonder what their vulnerability might relate to.

If it weren't for this film's insistence of its own seriousness, we could have had a good example of camp here. But no, we must watch actors who should know better say and do some of the stupidest things ever in cinema. If these creatures can move fairly freely from host to host, and always (at least to control) picks a particular spot on the back - why wouldn't these military-ish types immediately come up with a protocol for continually checking every single person? If you (spoiler warning) suggest Donald Sutherland's character suppressed it, why don't we see it? Wouldn't such a protocol be so obvious, not doing it would bring about a lot of attention?

And what about the effects of having been a host but freed? At first, this is supposed to be a traumatic experience, something like going into withdrawal. By the end of the film, lots of people get freed and don't stop a moment in pushing the plot along to its forgone conclusion.

I haven't read the original story, but this must simply be a bad adaptation. Even if it's a difficult task - probably way too much information in the story to preserve - it's still not that hard to make the film consistent with itself.

Even the occasional bits of action don't do much for me, which is surprising, as that's the one place where the producers should have felt free to be inventive.

Watch it for the squishy creatures and a laugh or two, but don't worry about sticking around to the end.

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