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I've talked to friends about the oddity of Hollywood release cycles. It seems that there are always three of the same genre release in close cycles with each other. This year, it would appear to be the Greek or Roman historical bio pic. Actually, this year seems to be an evil, inverted game of Where's Waldo starring Jude Law in every movie. Nonetheless, there are movies that come out that have no immediate peer - The Matrix or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon come to mind. They could be easily imitated and often times they are. Hero is soft of a combination of both movies without a lot to say.

The movie is beautifully shot. It's unclear anymore if there are thousands of extras in this movie, or if they are digital substitutes. There are great scenes awash with colour. Armies of soldiers in gun metal grey outfits, autumn scenes rivaling Far From Heaven, and even some winter scenes with white and silver.

The movie is told mostly in flash back. It's an ancient Chinese warlord and his loyal subject that are discussing acts of bravery in the past. Because his subject has killed the warlord's enemies, he is allowed to be physically close to the warlord. The stories are intriguing and contain the frequently repeated wired fight scenes with gravity defying moves and super human speed. This time the scenes don't seem quite as integrated as Crouching Tiger, but since the story is in flash back vignette style, maybe they don't have to be. The fight scenes are also filmed in Matrix like 360 stop motion style.

In time, as we move closer to the present day, it becomes a movie that questions honour and motives. It provides an interesting perspective on social leadership.

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