Intriguing by itself, regardless of trailer

I picked up City of God on DVD. The almost mandatory trailer was for Dirty Pretty Things. This trailer is different than the one available on line see trailer. The DVD version makes this movie into some sort femme fatale plot line. It really isn't. In the trailer, we see Audrey Tatou as the lead character uncovering a dark side of London. She is in the movie, but the trailer montage fails to suggest that the main character (which is only seen in two quick cuts in the trailer) is actually a Nigerian male immigrant. Consequently, it was difficult for me to find a place to latch on to this movie, I was expecting something different.

** Spoilers Below ** Directed by Stephen Frears, Dirty Pretty Things is a drama built around an urban myth (or truth). Our lead character is Okwe. He's an illegal immigrant. He works as a cabbie during the day and a porter for a hotel at night. He's homeless, on the run, and trained as a doctor. He also seems to be in love with one of the hotel's maids, Senay (Tatou). One day at work, he's asked to unplug one of the hotel toilets. It's a disturbing scene, but he pulls the clog and it is a human heart. From there, the movie unfolds a tale of voluntary extortion. Immigrants can give up a kidney or other organ in exchange for counterfeit passports. Okwe and Senay are pulled into the scheme.

I thought the movie was interesting. It was a little slow to develop and looked very grainy - possibly shot on DV steady cams. The British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays Okwe is quite good in his role.

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