Pauly Shore Must Die

A commitment to watching this film should mean a commitment to sitting absolutely still for the opening credits, which are pretty much designed to annoy, disguised as an attempt at a busy mtv-style video.

Pauly Shore's first appearance on screen makes us instantly hate him. He and his pal Stephen Baldwin are, well, idiots, who end up getting locked in the environmental experiment of the title for a year.

I think this film might have an environmental agenda. It's very hard to tell, because it largely makes fun of environmentalists. But if you start with the assumption that these two characters are so unlikable you may just scare the audience into picking up litter and carpooling for fear of ever seeing Pauly Shore again.

Probably the film needed a lot of work to be releasable. There's a scene having a countdown clock showing them on their third day followed a few scenes later celebrating their first full day at dinner (which would be day 2). But then again, on the very last day, it reads "day 0", so perhaps those clocks are just broken.

Why watch this film? Maybe to catch up on the lesser films of Patty (er, Patricia) Hearst and Joey Lauren Adams... It's not a real reason, but there's a certain amount of deathly appeal in watching this trainwreck. It's bad, real bad, but it has enough energy, granted it's stupid energy, that it propels itself along as vapid coach potato fare. Not's a great quality, but it is, in a sense, fulfilling on all that it's trying to be in that sense.

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