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Movies generally don't upset me. I've seen good ones and bad ones, and for the most part I just accept that they are what they are, and the filmmakers were to some extent successful or not in putting what they wanted on screen.

But this film got me on my feet, yelling at the screen. Fortunately for the public, this was at home, but this tension between what I wanted from the film, and what it gave to me, I figure, has to be a good thing. If I go back and think about the individual moments, I believe in some cases, I was right, and elsewhere, perhaps the movie went further than I wanted to go, but doing so turned out to be the right decision.

These particular moments are not actually the point, though. The trick was that I was drawn in by the movie beforehand, enough so that I cared about what happened.

As I turn over the puzzle of this movie in my head, it strikes me that it's not a great film, and that even if it's a good film or not, I still want to recommend it. The reason? It's an ambitious film for the emotional territory it's taking on, and it succeeds mostly in where it's trying to take us. I may think the video camera is used a little too much, or that there's more than its share of awkward moments, or even that Chris Noth has a nicely subtle performance (for most of the film at least), this all comes secondary to me yelling at the screen, but still wanting to know what comes next.

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