It's a wash

Action/adventure, subgenre disaster movie. This is an adaptation of real events involving the loss of a fishing vessel in 1991. It's a very interesting sort of challenge to set up for yourself, since there's very little of the human experience as there were no survivors. It's based off a book, so it would be interesting to know how fictionalized or "changed for dramatic purposes" each work is.

There's a lot of water - I'll bet the producers are glad that water can be used more than once. The effects are good, and visually, this is a tremendous film. The flip side is that the story is all screwed up. We know going in that they aren't going to survive, so there's no surprise in the struggle there. When it comes to the peripheral plotlines, they're just so obviously peripheral that it's hard to care. The premise of the whole thing has simply created an impossible task, unless you're willing to settle for merely an effects movie. That's oversimplifying, but that's the point of a review, isn't it?

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