Prisoner of Ugh-zkaban.

Alright...these movies are really starting to piss me off.

First off, let me say that I have not read the books but I've listened to people who have and they tell me what's left out.

These children actors are growing up and are either overacting or are just going to be bad actors in some B-movie.

Ron is just really getting on my nerves. Malfoy is getting even more annoying. Hermione is the nerdy kid in school you just wanted to slap and say, "Get a life!" And Harry? Sigh...why is he staying with those people? He throws a weak imitation of a tantrum and storms off.

Are we ever going to get a real demonstration of Harry's potential? What the hell happened to Hogwarts?? It's all dark and dreary these days.

The movie has such potential, but it's being wasted.

Take the kids and drop them off if you want 90mins of time to yourselves and your significant other.

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