Oh dear...

It's hard to know exactly where to start on this one. The first thing you really have to know is that Man on the Moon is a biopic on entertainer Andy Kaufman. As such, it's got a pretty typical story arc, nothing much new or exciting about it.

But the interesting thing is Andy himself. Perhaps the best thing the plot could do is not draw attention to itself, so that we can do our best to understand this unusual persona. In the more important task of letting us into Andy's unusual world, the film succeeds perhaps as well as it can. Jim Carrey has one of his best screen performances here, having stayed in character his entire time on the set. It's hard to imagine someone fitting into the role any better. And the last ten minutes are about as strangely touching as anything I've seen lately.

There's a couple distractions: Jim Carrey's build is different enough from Kaufman's I kept thinking about it. And Danny DeVito plays George Shapiro, and does not appear as himself in the scenes of the Taxi set - apparently they didn't see that coming in early pre-production. These are very minor, though. Just go see it, and you'll have a unique experience. I don't think anyone misses Tony Danza, particularly with the countless numbers of actors appearing as themselves (there's 17 himself/herself listings for the film) - the only odd bit there is Norm MacDonald playing Michael Richards...

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