I don't quite get why this movie was such a big deal. Why? Mainly two things - the plot is so familiar (see every parents/society-just-don't-understand flick from Footloose to Dirty Dancing), and then they muck it up with a distracting love/jealousy storyline which simply doesn't seem to belong here.

On the surface, it's a good start. Young Jess Bhamra loves football. Her parents disapprove. One the best players on a girl's, Jules, team spots her talent and gets the coach to let her join. She doesn't tell her parents, who think she's gotten a job. Meanwhile, her older sister's life is all obsessed about getting married, and her entire family thinks that's what Jess should be gearing her life toward as well. As the story goes on, Jess' talent becomes more apparent, and so the stakes rise. Plus Jess falls in love with the coach, Joe, whom Jules also has a thing for... Nothing surprising really happens from there on.

I suppose this is meant to be an empowering film. Perhaps it is, though the message is a little mixed. The love story is a problem. Sure, it's the sort of thing that could happen, but it should be better thought out if the film is contrasting one way of life against another.

Not all the potential is uncashed. There are some good moments between Jess and her father, and Jules and her mother. I could have done without the Joe character altogether. In fact, according to the IMdb trivia section, the original plot called for Jess and Jules to fall in love. I can't say if that's the right choice either, but it would be less muddled than what was shot.

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