So you want to watch a sci-fi movie?

Obviously someone wanted to make a sci-fi movie. We've got some elements of hard science in here, environmental and population pressures on the Earth, terraforming, and some attempts at showing the kinds of technology necessary to get to Mars.

But then, to get a movie made, there usually has to be some concession to the marketplace. Often this means an original idea gets hammered apart by a committee and we are left wondering what was there in the first place. It's not entirely clear what happened here. There's a dubiously humanlike military robot that for no clear reason starts attacking the crew. It also becomes apparent that the terraforming effort has gone a very strange direction. Perhaps this is merely a theme of how we cannot control our own technology. But I'm not convinced. The robot is both too important to the moving of the plot, and also really quite irrelevent. And the terraforming has somehow been overrun by these impossibly toothy beetles - in the end, supposedly this is intended - but these things are supposed to feed on algae? The only reason for the superhuman jaws on these guys is to cut through the environmental suits worn by our troubled crew.

I could go on and on about what doesn't make sense here, but I'll not bore you with it all. The best thing to do when watching this movie is to identify the good ideas lurking behind what we see that should be airlifted out this movie and placed into a better one.

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